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and I discovered BBC's Sherlock

Hey! Okay this dump is truly big this time. I'm really sorry!! Please forgive!

Some links:

A sketch dump of some sketches from the Houdini & Holmes issues sent out...!

And here is another dump!!

Fanart of BBC's Sherlock, which is a show I have been enjoying very much lately

And a spoilery sketch about The Great Game

Some creepy drawings...

And the BBC variant-

For an art trade with feriowind Holmes and his team (she came up with the team!)

Holmes and Watson burgling Milverton's unsuccessfully-

Doctor likes his honey

Some of Holmes' back

And some of Watson's

Some really weird stuff- One Piece and Sherlock Holmes crossover fanart...

And some spoilery One Piece fanart for chapter 598

A tutorial I drew up for iamacoyfish that I ended up spending way more time on than I needed to-

Scarlet Pimpernel fanart....! This doesn't really look like Leslie Howard, but whatever. I love that movie so much.

Been obsessed with the Dollars trilogy lately-

A commission for Dudetube's Matt (warning: NSFW site)

Filled out this style meme mainly because I really wanted to draw shoujo!Watson

Nippleless and crotchless drawings are strange

Another meme which I never completed but used as an excuse to draw my favorite Holmes actors

Some doodlins

A page of Esteban, which I'm planning on restarting and turning into a weekly updated comic.

Thanks for looking! Also I took down some of my more porny drawings from this blog. I now have a friendslocked porn tag on my more frequently updated personal journal pollums, just in case anyone is interested???


oh yeah <3
sketch dump love <3
God what a good post. What a good good good good post.
you give me so much SH love oh gosh. i love your posts.
and can't wait for ESTEBAN!!!
Sometimes I'm so impressed by the sheer volume of art you produce. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE THE WORST PERSON but is also really inspiring! That running guide is nice, too, I never really considered the unbalanced point that consciously before! LOVELY STUFF (ps you draw the best profiles ;3; and i always love the slight hint of retro in your stuff, derp)


lbpxkjvy ivmi

epvi uhsaj you porn (http://www.porntubehunter.com) broagf a md u tkv
Uh, I would be interested in becoming your friend??? I've been lurking mostly, but your Sherlock Holmes art is kind of my favorite thing ever, and porn?? Yes please!