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art dump!!

Tried to organize this best I could! Apologies for the image heaviness.

EDIT: removed the NSFW drawings

Big Barda sketch

Sock garter drawings because YES this is what I'm into

Some SFW Holmes/Watson

In reference to my horrible post about Sherlock Holmes told through Breakfast at Tiffany's- the final scene- because I am sappyyyy

Some Boostle fanart for ya

Some Inception fanart for ya

In reaction to Jim Lee's redesign of Wonder Woman:

And commissions!
for soloproject


for unl0ck

for GlassPinata

The cover for Houdini & Holmes, which you can find info on how to buy here: http://pollums.livejournal.com/139603.html

And here's a sketch dump post of sketches I drew for people buying Houdini & Holmes


OH MY GOD YOUR ARTHUR. His faaaace. "BITCH WHASSUP." I mean I love your art, period, and that Sherlock Holmes/Waton Breakfast At Tiffany's thing is particularly nice but your Inception cartoons are the best hands down.
Aww thank you so much! Inception fanart is so frustrating to draw because if you can't make em look like the characters then it's just "some guy in a suit" haha.
i am sitting less than a foot from my mom, grandma, aunt, and little cousin and yet i still looked at the NSFW portion.

true follower WHAT WHAT !?
High five for viewing porn in front of relatives!!!
* high five!! *
AHHH you're amazing, Polly!
Thank youuuuu!!
what is Houdini and Holmes about?
The as of now official (haha) summary of the comic is: Houdini is accused of murder and seeks out Holmes to prove his innocence!!! Stuff happens!!!
so, stuff huh?

Can I adopt you? Like seriously?

I can never ever ever ever ever ever get over how beautiful your figures are and your sense of color and EVERYTHING YOU DO EVER THIS IS A TERRIBLE COMMENT but seriously I get so, so excited every single time you post! Also the Inception caricatures are adorable, haha. Love the perspective of the second to last one, and also the composition of the cover (last piece) is sooo appealing to me! I like the sort of old-skool textures, too :)

Great stuff! You always make me want to draw more :') <3
NNN Thank you so much!! Gahh you always pay me such incredible compliments and it means so much more comin from you because your art is amazing! Thank youuu!
GUH. YOUR INCEPTION ART IS KILLLLIINNNNGG MEEEE It's so wonderful ;A; Your deftness (is what it looks like!) at making them actually look like their actors/actress is good. So. Good.

Your Big Barda/Wondie pic is also one of those "I need this picture everywhere" dealios. It's just so funny and cute!
Haha thank you!! Movie fanart always frustrates me when they don't look like the actors, so I have a hard time drawing it!
oh man. Oh man! I'm so happy I've found you <3!
eeeee I love the midnighter/apollo!!! And I always enjoy the DC stuff....plus the Holmes/Watson....everything really.
Your style is so fluid and wonderfully intuitive, that it seems almost effortless. Just pure poetry in lines. Wonder and joy, too. I really really admire the fun and dedication that shines through. It reminds me of Saskia Gutekunst at times with a touch of Franco-Belgian (http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a160/ukefishcakes/smnolancommission.png <- this. Yes! Splendid! Those hands~ aaah!)

Also these inception sketches? Utterly hilarious and so so true (that's def. Cobb, alright). I don't think I need to mention the Sherlockian drawings, do I? Because simply, I have no real words to describe them. They are perfect and subtle. Sherlock's nose is so marvellously patrician. <3
Why'd you remove the Holmes/Watson stuff?
Sorry! I just removed the NSFW ones because it was kinda embarrassing to have the porny drawings be the first thing people see when they visit my blog haha. I have a friendslocked porn tag on my personal blog, though, if you are ever interested in that sort of thing.

Here are the Holmes images I took down though:


Alright, that makes sense, I was just hoping it wasn't because someone was harassing you about them.

Re: ok!

Haha! Naaahhh I'm extremely lucky on that front. It seems most people that look at my art are either slash fans or people that just like the drawings even if they don't like the subject matter.