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Another art dump! It's been a while!

Got asked by Josh Tierney to do a pinup for the lovely comic Spera!


How to Train Your Dragon

based off of ikage's design

Various Holmes and Houdini drawings:

Friend asked me to draw a sexy lady haha:

A wendigo:

From wiki:
The term "Wendigo psychosis" refers to a condition in which sufferers developed an insatiable desire to eat human flesh even when other food sources were readily available, often as a result of prior famine cannibalism. Wendigo psychosis is identified by Western psychologists as a culture-bound syndrome, though members of the aboriginal communities in which it existed believed cases literally involved individuals turning into Wendigos. Such individuals generally recognized these symptoms as meaning that they were turning into Wendigos, and often requested to be executed before they could harm others.


Victorian robots! <3 Great works as usual. I love how you can make everything dynamic.
I liked that wendigo
Even your stick figure thumbnails are super lively! Also, the little HolmesxWatson is adorable.