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art dump of the lamest caliber

Slightly smaller art dump this time. Been mostly workin on my film, but no film stuff here, unfortunately

Some more Frog n Fly

Houdini fanart for the Houdini fandom, of which there are no members

Sherlock Holmes fanart because I've been obsessed with the books and the Russian series as of late. My canonical Watson is now Vitaly Solomin.

And here's a betta guy I drew when I was feelin rather down about my art

Some figure drawans

Part of an art rant

click ta see the whole post

Part of a shoddy storyboard assignment I did that includes FLYYYY

rest of the post here

And check out this smashing cover, y'all

Originally done as a simple pin-up by Polly Guo, this Dallas McCoy piece was far too awesome to put on the inside of the comic, so it was made into the ECCC Exclusive Variant Cover for Dallas McCoy #0, a prologue to the upcoming Dallas McCoy mini-series.

A 16-page B&W comic, Dallas McCoy #0 will be released at the upcoming Emerald City ComiCon.

Dallas McCoy #0 is written by Amy Riddle, the co-writer of Dallas McCoy: Starstruck and the writer for the upcoming mini-series. Artwork for the book will be by Sidney Lima, the artist for Dallas McCoy: Starstruck, and Polly Guo. The standard Rorschach Entertainment cover is by Edward Pun.

And here's a page from my part of the book:


Your line quality is just too gorgeous and I seriously don't know how you can be soooooooo good.
I love your flowing, clean lines. My favourite is that first picture of Watson, love its dynamics. Do you freehand or do you use the pen tool?
Thanks a mil, friend! I just freehand everything. I'd destroy myself if I had to pen tool everything haha
GOODNESS i love the car smashing panel so much actually that whole page i love his tumy sticking out slightly above the elastic waist band. FANTASTIQUE
aaah you make me love houdini so
I love your Sheklock Holmes fanarts <3
Ithink my friend downloaded a series, but I?m not sure if it's the Russian one... I should ask him...

Also, I thank you for that art rant, it will help me be more aware of stuff :3