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Watson/movie!Watson and other silly drawings

For a Houdini teams up with Sherlock Holmes comic I've been workin on... hopefully will be sold at SDCC this year!

Esteban sketches

My accompanying drawin for fleur_de_liz's fic for comicsbigbang which you can read here!

Commissions for the lovely Melissa

fanart of oxboxer's Ryan Choi tweedlicious design in light of recent events


Ah, all your drawings are so lively! I'd love to see/throwmoneyat whatever finished comic you have--would you make it available mail-order or something?
Thank you so much! I haven't figured out the details yet, but yeah I fully intend to make em available to people that can't make it to SDCC... somehow!!
Oh man, seconding the desperate want for that comic to be available through mail-order.

Have I ever told you I love your color choices? I love your color choices.
It means so much to me that you're interested!! I'm still figurin out the details but I'll totally make em available somehow.

Thank you!! Very glad you like!
I think I will make a shrine folder of your arts and keep them forever, I looove the first pic especially <3
♥ ♥ ♥ You are too sweet to me, my friend! Haha also IM GLAD YOU LIKE THAT ONE! I even thought about you as I drew it.
Will you be at SDCC yourself? I will be there on Saturday and would love to support your art :)
Yes! I will be there all days, I believe. I'll make a post updating on what's goin on with all that later!
Oohh I especially love the last one!

Have fun at SDCC!
Your style is so unique and it has so much motion, I love your versions of characters, and your Holmes/Watson stuff is my favorite!