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lots of Holmes this time

Ronald Howard from the 1950s show

Vitaly Solomin from the Russian show

That handsome giant French guy from the 09 movie


Watson and Lestrade

Holmes and Watson on the settee

The awful awful rough sketch for any of you with a morbid curiosity

Aaand these two

Boost and Skeets

Ted and Boost. So excited for Justice League: Generation Lost in May!!!

And some Supes

for space_fight

for Karen

for Pukio

for a random comic idea

Finally read Hanna is Not a Boy's Name!

and a random dude

and some figure drawin short poses


LOL, I'm a Hanna fangirl, myself (likes em' short) XD but definitely hottest zombie on the net, fo' sho.
I love your work. *cough* specially da' boy love...
Your allowed to draw on tablet in your figure drawing classes?
Nahhh we just do a bit of figure drawin in my animation class to warm up so I tend to do a few of em on the computer as well as in my sketchbook.

Haha glad you like! Spreadin the boy love round!
Guy Gardner is perfect
ARGHHHH SO JEALOUS OF YOUR SHORT POSE SKETCHES. Mine look like shit. And I can only draw them xboxlarge ;_____; teach me your ways plx.

Haha glad you like! The secret is CTRL+T hohoho
Nnnnnnnnnnnngh, jsyk, my roomie stole Guy for her laptop background.

HE IS JUST THAT BEGUILING. Oh, and that Hitman piece is so totally my screen's eyecandy as of when I acquired it.
Aw aw aw AWESOME! I love when people use my pics for desktops.
Ah, you manage to put so much life into your sketches and drawings! I always feel so invigorated after looking at your updates, like I should go out and run a few laps!
Aw dude thanks a ton! It means a lot!!
Love all these, seen most on dA already, but very interesting to see the sketches too.
Those lifedrawings at the bottom are fantastic! Are they digital?
Thanks a ton!!! Haha glad you found the sketches interesting. But yea the figure drawins are digital


There was a pic of superman on a comic tumblr I came across and was blown away that I've never seen your art before, and that you are 19! Oh my, well I was saddened to see you will likely become an animator rather than a full time comic artist (if you want to make some money anyhow). Your art certainly has a dynamic that I see in only a few more interesting artist, and an energy that is found seldom!
Haha on the contrary. I would absolutely love to pursue a life in comics. But thank you for the incredible compliment!


I really love your art *p*!

Mind if I ask what tools do you use to draw?
Thanks!!! ♥ I use SAI Paint Tool mostly and a teeny 4x6 Wacom Bamboo tablet